ALPHA This is a trial service - your feedback will help us to improve it.

This service provides access to basic company profile data linked to postcode data from the Ordnance Survey.

The basic company profile data includes the name of the company, its company number, registered address, accounts schedule etc.

The postcode data includes links from postcodes to data about local authority districts and wards and other administrative regions.

For more information about the data, see our data model reference document.

Accessing our data

If you want to build your own application or perhaps include our data in your own website, you can access it directly.

Data about a company, a postcode, a local authority district or other item of interest can simply be downloaded from the web.

Each item has its own unique URL that can be used to retrieve data. The retrieved data may contain the URLs of more items which can be used in turn to retrieve data about them if needed.

The whole dataset can also be downloaded. This may take same time as the download file is large.

See Accessing our data for more information.

Querying the data

Downloading the data works well when you know the unique URLs that identify the companies you are interested in.

If you don’t know the URLs, you can query the data to find them.

Queries can be typed into a search form. Web sites and other applications can also send queries and retrieve results over the internet.

See querying the data for more information.

Search application

The example search application illustrates the sort of things can be done with interlinked data sets. It supports searching for companies by location and industry and displaying the results broken down by area.

Our commitment

The aim of the Companies House linked data service is to engage with customers and receive feedback on providing data in this format to honour the Government’s commitment regarding data transparency.

The service is currently in a PRE-ALPHA phase which means that the data and the site have not stabilised yet and will be subject to change as the site is developed. The data is sourced from the bulk snapshot and will be refreshed each month after the snapshot is produced (

Please refer to the forum for ongoing feature and documentation discussions, and announcements on upcoming feature releases.

Usage Limits

The Companies House searchable databases are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users wishing to interrogate our information on-line.

Individuals, companies, IP addresses or blocks of IP addresses who deny or degrade service to other users by generating unusually high numbers of daily database accesses, whether generated manually or in an automated fashion, may be denied access to these services without notice.


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The data on this site includes data from other sources.

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